Interfamily Ltd.


Santiago Santiago Chile

Serviced Airports

  • Arturo Merino Benitez Intl - SCL

Services provided

  • Chenils personaliza
  • Perreras estándar para transporte aéreo
  • Transporte de larga distancia
  • Recogida y entrega

Services arranged

  • De embarque
  • Servicios Veterinarios

Animals types

  • Perros y Gatos


Our pets, whether common domestics or exotic are important members of our families. Whenever you need to travel with your pets or transport them to another location world wide, we can provide expert and efficient services for all your pet travel needs. If you want to travel without your pet, INTERFAMILY provides expert pet boarding services. You can be certain that your pet will be provided with safe and reliable care. We take the responsibility of caring for your pet seriously and with great dedication. Our experience speaks for itself.

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