Dogtainers Australia (BNE)


Brisbane, Queensland Brisbane, Queensland Australia Brisbane Australia

Serviced Airports

  • Brisbane Intl - BNE

Services provided

  • De embarque
  • Aves de Atención
  • Especies exóticas
  • Grooming
  • Chenils personaliza
  • Perreras estándar para transporte aéreo
  • Transporte de larga distancia

Services arranged

  • Transporte terrestre sólo

Animals types

  • Aves
  • Perros y Gatos
  • Especies exóticas
  • Pescado
  • Laboratorio de Animales


As Australia's leading animal transport specialist, Dogtainers offers a complete, professional pet transport service. Whether transporting your dog, transporting your cat or any treasured pet, you can confidently rely on Dogtainers. We transport animals by air or road, both interstate and overseas. Our Petainer crates are the very best available and designed for maximum comfort and safety. Trust the pioneer international animal transport specialist to transport your beloved pet securely and safely. From a Goldfish to a Golden Eagle. From South Melbourne to the South Pole. From their first vaccination to finally clearing quarantine.

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