Animals First Bogner OG


Orchideenweg 35 A - 1220 Vienna Austria EU Vienna Austria

Serviced Airports

  • Schwechat - VIE

Services provided

  • De embarque
  • Grooming
  • Chenils personaliza

Services arranged

Animals types

  • Aves
  • Perros y Gatos
  • Especies exóticas
  • Pescado
  • Laboratorio de Animales
  • Otros


Since 1976 we are working in airfreight operations for general cargo and in the early 80s we started with live animal shipments. We got more specialized over the years and in summer 2004 ANIMALS FIRST was born. We do animal shipments and nothing else, so if it comes to transport by air we are the right contact for you! We are the one and only company in Austria with IATA approved training as per the live animal regulations (LAR).

Contact : Animals First Bogner OG

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