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Queensland Australia Brisbane Australia

Serviced Airports

  • Brisbane Intl - BNE

Services provided

  • De embarque
  • Aves de Atención
  • Especies exóticas
  • Grooming
  • Chenils personaliza
  • Perreras estándar para transporte aéreo
  • Transporte de larga distancia

Services arranged

  • Transporte terrestre sólo

Animals types

  • Perros y Gatos


My name is Mary I come from a farming family in England where I worked as a riding instructor and vet nurse also being a volunteer for the RSPCA. I came to Australia on a container ship with 4 of my own dogs and cared for 34 others and 8 cats the trip taking a month when animals were only allowed in by sea. Some of these pets were frightened and some were shy others were angry during this time with them I began to understand their feelings, and decided to continue to transport animals when I settled here. I started All Animal Transport along with boarding kennels but have since sold the kennels to concentrate on pet transport only boarding pets in transit now I offer knowledgeable care and advice, breed and train German Shepherds and love and respect all animals. Keeping your pet safe and comfortable in transit is my priority.

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